Aluminum fans


The volume is only 79dB


Automatic cleaning




A new better method
cleaning filters
The filter is completely blown out

Filters 100% polyester


Tight assembly
filter on the screw


Touch control
ROMER cabins are equipped with 4 "color touch screen.The cab operation is intuitive, takes place in 3 modes, automatic (time), automatic (based on a clogged filter sensor), or manual.




Filter clogging sensor
The cabins are fitted with a sensor that queues filters for cleaning when they plug. The system also informs when the filters have already worn out


Automatic filter cleaning
The electronic system of automatic filter cleaning has a range of adjustment of cleaning frequency and time of firing. Each filter is cleaned separately, and the filters can also be cleaned manually using the buttons.


We know from experience that it is difficult for the operator to enforce filter cleaning. Thanks to this system, the operator will not have to think about it anymore.

Low volume
Aluminum fans are very quiet, work at 74-79dB - It's not much.
it is difficult to talk even with a standard cabin construction.

Broach through the cabin
The cabin, by pulling the sling beams inside the cab, improves the work efficiency, thus relieving the painter, who does not have to move them by hand anymore.





Automatic filter cleansing

ROMER's cabins are equipped with an electronic automatic filter cleaning system. Booth has an adjusted range of cleaning interval, time of the impulse. Each filter can be cleaned individually by using control buttons.

We know from experience that it's hard to expect from an operator to clean every single filter entirely. Thanks to this system operator won't have to worry about it anymore.

Very quiet
Aluminium fans are very quiet, they work on a noise level of 74-79dB which is very low compared to any other standard booth construction.

Booth drive-through chain
Thanks to installed drive-through chain there is no need for an operator to drag every element into the booth himself.Elements drive through the booth all on their own which improves the efficiency and allows operator to focus just on the painting part.

Additional options

Regulated air suction
In our booths we install an anti-static plate that covers filters. It protects filters from a first wave of a powder.

In a well designed booth it also improves the velocity of air moving across the painted element that reaches filters. It improves suction and makes painting easier.

Location of a plate can be regulated.




ROMER's powder booths are fitted with professionally made tanks, which are responsible for the collection of air needed to clean the filter. Compressed air is released from the tank in a fraction of a second while passing through the ROMER JET ™ system expands in the filter at high velocity and escapes through the micro holes in the filter cleaning it, and the powder falls into the booth.


Our system ROMER JET ™ system is patented and ensures the cleaning of the whole filter from top to bottom, this provides a unique cleaning effect, unattainable in the past using Jet venturi for example.





Low power consumption
By using light metals in a production process of our rotors we make them extremely light. To rotate such rotor fans need small amount of electricity which makes them energy-efficient.



Powder recover
By recovering materials you save your money, collect powder from the booth and use it once again. Recovered powder should be sifted before using it again.
Filters long operating time
Thickness of a material that our filters is made of is 260g/m2. Filtration surface (H900) is 15m2 compared to the standard H900 which is 160g/m2 with 7,5m2 surface.

This is a standard used in the most expensive automatic lines designed to move tons of powder.


There is a cheaper type of filter that has cellulose in its composition instead of polyester.

Open Booths

In large and small dimensions, high power exhaust



Model KPO-3 KPO-3 (reduced) KPO-4 KPO-4 (reduced)
Working dimensions W2800 x H1800 x D920 W2800 x H2240 x D920 W4000 x H1800 x D920 W4000 x H2240 x D920
External dimensions W2870 x H2385 x D1655 W2870 x H2485 x D1655 W4070 x H2485 x D1655 W4070 x H2485 x D1655
The number of filters 3 szt. 3 szt. 4 szt. 4 szt.
Electric power 2,2kW 2,2kW 4,4kW 4,4kW
Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V
Square filters 45m2 45m2 60m2 60m2
Air flow 10,200m3/h 10,200m3/h 20,400m3/h 20,400m3/h



Closed booths

Big string to small parts, recommended for high purity production.

Model KPZ-2 KPZ-3  KPZ-3O
Working dimensions W750 x H1360 x D880 W1610 x H1800  x D960 W1610 x H1800 x D880
External dimensions W1060 x H2385 x D1520 W1960 x H2390  x D2300 W1760 x H2390 x D2300
The number of filters 2 szt. 3 szt. 3 szt.
Rated power 0,69kW 1,38kW 1,38kW
Nominal voltage 380V 380V 380V
The volume of the rotor 74dBa 74dBa 74dBa
Air flow 5,100m3/h 10,200m3/h 10,200m3/h


Drivethrew booths

In large and small dimensions, and hard manipulation


Model KPZ-2P KPZ-3P KPZ-4P
Working dimensions W1410 x H1800  x D880 W1610 x H1800 x D960 W2220 x H1800 x D960
External dimensions W1590 x H2485 x D2265 W1790 x H2485 x D2265 W2500 x H2485 x D2265
The number of painters 1 1 2
The working area of the filter 30m2 (2 filtry) 45m2 (3 filtry) 60m2 (4 filtry)
Rated power 2,2kW 2,2kW 4,4kW
Nominal voltage 380V 380V 380V
The volume of the rotor 74dBa 74dBa 74dBa
Air flow 10,200m3/h 10,200m3/h



Cyclone booths

For powder recovery and fast colour change

Additional options


Powder hopper
ROMER's booths can be installed with optional powder tank. There are 3 options. Tank without fluidization for scrap powder, tank with fluidization, tank with pneumatic lifting fluidization and sieve. Fluidization tank is suitable for connecting the applicator.
ROMER Booths can optionally be installed with sieve, if You have a tank. Sieve is essential if you want to recover the powder. Sieve will help You remove impurities from powder. Sieve has electric power supply.