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Model Proton II V
Type Electrostatic (Corona)
Voltage input 220-240V
Powder consumption up to 500g/min
Compressed air cons. up to 200L/min
Input pressure up to 8 bar
Output pressure 0 - 6 bar
Air quality / oil less than 0.1mg/nm3
Air quality / dust less than 15g/nm3
Hose length 5m
Gun weight 500g
Set weight 55kg
Warranty period 12 months


This new Proton II series unit uses nozzles (B) type


Proton II series it is highest possible technology of powder coating corona gun type.

 Proton II has autodiagnostics, sugestions and informations about errors are shown on LCD.
+ There is a possibility of saving 20 invidual programs, including voltage, fluidisation, air and powder pressures.
+ Pneumatic valves are controlled by step motors.

Additionaly set includes

  • Nozzles set (B) type, full cone spray nozzle, flat spray nozzle with deflectors.
  • Gun is chromed, grounding the painter
  • Hose with ground - 5 meter 
  • Sterowanie automatyczne / manualne  
  • Three programs of coating - coating flat surfaces, hard to reach places, recoating
  • Automatic voltage adjustment depending on distance between gun and painted element
  • Touch panel based on electronic control system 
  • Trolley with vibration platform

    Instruction manual, Declaration of Conformity