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Welcome to ROMER

We are with you for 25 years! Thank you!

ROMER® is at least 10.000 working machines in more than 45 countries in the world.


ROMER® manufactures single machine for powder coating as well as complete fully automated turnkey installations.


ROMER® provides heating solutions for aero and automotive industry for the largest companies in the world.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service with full spare parts stock.


PaintExpo 2018 Germany
PaintExpo 2018 Germany PaintExpo 2018 Germany, Karlsruhe report from the fair...
iCure sets new standards
iCure sets new standards Discover iCure - new registration of system cycle parameters in the oven fully developed by ROMER. We raise the bar - it is strongly enriched version of the software...

New production quality
New production quality We introduced new software the production to improve the quality of orders, facilitates contact with the customer and allows you to monitor the contents of the order, all arrangements and changes...
New control of furnaces
 New control of furnaces Holiday time we spent for development of technology, through the introducing of logic controller...