Romer introduces a new powder center

ROMER Powder Center

The new edition of the romer ProfiCenter CP02 powder center is the result of the work of the R&D Department of Romer. The solutions used enable even faster and more effective than ever before to change the color of the paint in the automatic powder booth. 


This new product on the market has in its basic version many modern solutions providing a very high standard of equipment. The main hopper for powder paint supports up to 12 injectors or dense phase pumps as standard, its reduced size and oblique shape allow for faster automatic cleaning. The family of powder centers also has models that enable the use of up to 24 injectors or pumps. Such a variety of solutions allows the investor to save unnecessary costs already at the investment stage.
Automatic cleaning is the main advantage of this type of powder center, because in older generation solutions, cleaning is completely manual, and emptying the paint tank is difficult or has to be replaced, which is costly and time-consuming. In the ProfiCenter CP02 romer, emptying the tank with a special valve takes an average of several seconds. Then the device goes into the phase of automatic cleaning of the entire system, including thorough cleaning of the main tank with compressed air.
The fluidized main tank can optionally be equipped with an ultrasonic sieve with a mesh size from 150 µm, which is introduced inside it. It is used to screen both recovered and fresh paint, which allows for even better quality of painting. Fresh paint and paint recovered from the cyclone system are transported in a dense phase system, which allows to reduce operating costs, and also ensures long and trouble-free operation of the installation. A pneumatically controlled aspirating valve from an intuitive 10 ”touch operator panel is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the powder center, ie removing dusty air to the final filter.
The romer ProfiCenter CP02 powder center is equipped with a valve system that enables automatic overvoltage of the paint return from the cyclone. With the push of a button it is possible to switch between the recovered paint to the mixed paint container or to the complete waste, without any additional mechanical steps. This solution allows to eliminate potential errors caused by inexperienced operator and shortens the time of color change.
The latest version of the Romer ProfiCenter CP02 enables accurate monitoring of the mass of fresh paint and the infinitely variable level of mixed paint in the hopper, which allows for even better management of the reclaim to fresh paint ratio. The fresh paint is introduced in the original collective packaging to the tray equipped with an aeration system and a vibrating system.
Thanks to the use of weighing systems, the romer ProfiCenter CP02 center, cooperating with the ProfiControl 15 ”cabin controller, after entering the data, it can create a paint consumption statement, distinguishing given batches and colors. Such a combination of devices also enables communication with external ERP systems.
By providing the necessary data on the costs of varnishing, paint batches, etc., the new device responds to the market needs of Industry 4.0 and process automation. It is these technical arguments as well as the knowledge and experience of the manufacturer that make Romer offer modern solutions that affect quality and cost control, which in the current year - difficult due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic - directly translates into an increase in implemented projects.              


ROMER R&D Center 
The Romer company is investing in its own research and development center, which is being built in Skarżysko-Kamienna in the vicinity of the existing factory. This is another milestone in the development of this Polish manufacturer of powder paint shops. The center will mainly deal with research and development of the state of the art in the field of anti-corrosion protection, especially powder coating. The center will allow several trials to be carried out at the same time, which will make it easier for Romer to select the technology even better. The whole area will be about eight thousand square meters, including two thousand for office space. After the expansion, Romer will have a production plant with an area of almost 14,000 sq m. square meters.

dodano: 18.12.2020
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