Company's policy

If you do not like to overpay, that's great!
ROMER has set itself the goal of providing the highest quality machines at attractive prices.
Check with the competition how we succeed.




The production plant of the ROMER company is located in Skarżysko-Kamienna at Rejowska 99A. It is located on plots with an area of 31.500m2 . It consists of 5 buildings with a total area of over 10.000m2.
Romer gives work to more than 150 workers.
In our machine park we have, among others:

2x Laser fiber 2D, 3000x1500mm with exchangeable tables,
1x 3D fiber laser for profiles and pipes up to 6000mm length,
1x Automatic 3D fiber laser with feeder for profiles and pipes up to 6000mm length,
1x CNC plasma cutter,
CNC press brakes,
CNC guillotines,
Three-roller rolling mills,
Column band saws,
MIG / TIG welding machines.

In addition, our research and development center is equipped with, among others in machines for rapid prototyping, e.g.
Precise laser 3D printer (Selective laser sintering),
Large-format 3D printer (Fused Deposition Modeling).



The Romer company has been producing its devices continuously since 1992, constantly improving them.
We offer economical devices with high quality and relatively low maintenance / operating costs.
Our technical solutions are proven for years and our clients come back to us.


Our technical links are innovative and mostly patented. Our devices work on the best components. The furnaces meet the most stringent standards. Powder booths are quiet and energy-saving despite the fact that they have strong fans.
In turn, our Applicators do not deviate from top-shelf applicators of well-known companies for a fraction of the price they propose.

We owe the high quality of our products to our machine park CNC machines and the extensive experience that we acquired over 25 years of production.


We sell over 40 countries around the world . The devices are constructed in such a way that they are failure-free and the possible replacement of wear parts is simple and non-invasive.

The latest control systems allow us to remotely access devices from the internet (after obtaining the user's consent).



We offer devices in various price categories, thus reaching companies that are just beginning their adventure with painting, as well as those requiring full automation and professionalism.

If you have not found a product that interests you, write to us, our technical department will design it for you.



All our devices are covered by a 12-month warranty, if during this period a fault occurs due to no fault of the user or is not caused by natural wear, we remove it immediately. As far as possible, we try to provide another device in a substitute without blocking the user's production process.


Assembly and training of staff
After purchasing the paint line in our company, one of several service teams goes to the place to assemble the purchased equipment, and then trains employees who will be working at the line. The service is included in the price of the line.
The date of assembly should be arranged by phone or email with the site manager.



Declaration of Conformity
Our devices are compliant with the applicable European Community standards and each device has its CE declaration of conformity and documentation necessary to operate the devices.




We provide transport all over the world, we are in constant cooperation with shipowners, road forwarding companies.


In Poland, you pay extra for the service depending on the distance.



We have been cooperating with leasing companies for a long time, we are credible. Leasing companies know the value of our devices, which makes obtaining a lease for the purchase of our company's equipment easier and more likely.
Our partner is the European Leasing Fund belonging to the Credit Agricole group.








Legal information


Price lists on the website do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.
ROMER reserves the right to make technical changes and specifications without prior notice.
The presented products may contain optional equipment elements that are not standard equipment.