Aluminium fans TwinFan 
In Booths manufactured by ROMER we use aluminium fans which are safe, doesn't cause sparks when rubbing by metal elements which in case of using metal fan can cause explode.

Because of their importance to save energy and consume small amounts of current. And they are very quiet, work at the level of 74-79dB.

The motor is hidden in the Booth, which makes the Booth lower.

Screwed aluminium alloy flange
Aluminium alloy flange
ROMER's Booths are fitted with flanges made ​​of aluminum alloy, with their application assembly and disassembly of the filter becomes very easy. The improved seal of the filter increases the suction power of the Booths and lowers the amount powder in afterfilters.

Filter cleaning system ROMER Jet  
ROMER's powder booths are fitted with professional tanks, which are responsible for the collection of air needed to clean the filter. Compressed air is released from the reservoir at a fraction of a second passing through the ROMER JET ™ system expands in the filter at high velocity and escapes through the micro holes in the filter cleans it, and the powder falls into the booth.

Our system ROMER JET ™ system is patent pending, ensures the cleaning of the whole filter from the top to bottom, this provides a unique cleaning effect, unattainable in the past using Jet venturi for example.

Automatic filter cleaning
ROMER's cabins are equipped with an electronic automatic filter cleaning system. Booth has a adjusted range of cleaning interval, the time of the impulse, each filter is individually cleaned, filters can also be cleaned manually with buttons.

100% Polyester filters
ROMER's booths uses only the highest quality filters made from 100% polyester, they does not sink water, well separates the powder from the air. They can be washed with water under pressure, they provide long-term operation.