We have all the spare parts / consumables at attractive prices applicators produced by Gema, Wagner and Nordson. All repairs are carried out by mail order - by courier.


- Duplicators high voltage (Cascades)
- Powder pumps, spare parts for pumps, injectors
- heads, electrodes, deflectors

and many others...

If interested, please send your catalog numbers to our mailbox: kontakt@romerpp.pl



We have after-sales service for most major brands such as Gema, Wagner, Nordson

Gema Optiflex 2
Gema Optiflex
Gema PG1 PGC1
Gema Easy
Gema OptiFlow
Gema OptiGun
Gema EasySelect
Gema Optiselect

Wagner EPG Sprint-X
Wagner PEM-X1 X1
Wagner C4
Wagner C3
Wagner C2

Nordson Encore
Nordson EasyCoat
Nordson SureCoat
Nordson Modular
Nordson Tribomatic II



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