Save powder with a flick of your hand!

Save time and money!

Saving powder
The integrated 100 kV cascade duplicator provides
maximum charging capacity. This means that more paint reaches
detail, less to the paint recovery system! digital valve control technology ensures accurate metering
and repeatable amount of powder. This allows for a more uniform


Pistolet ProfiGun PM-1

Light ergonomic pistol, perfectly balanced with a contoured handle
Adjustment of the paint%, and the change of programs in the handpiece

Ceramic cascade with voltage up to 100,000V efficiently charges all types of powders

 new generation of nozzles ensures perfect powder penetration into complex shapes

• Theprofiled nut allows a good grip

High-carbon conductive handle provides excellent painter grounding

The gun is made of special materials with increased impact resistance

Fully demountable design with replaceable powder path tube

The gun is patented in the US and EU

Cascade polarity - negative

ProfiJector powder paint pump

Construction of a new efficient injector

Most effective feed angle demonstrated by testing

Saves paint and air compared to injectors with right angles

 Compared to other pumps, it has relatively low operating costs

• Theinjector is subject to a European patent


ProfiFeed powder pump

New dense phase pump design
Transport of paint with a small amount of air

Transport of paint over long distances up to 25m
Constant amount of paint fed, with no loss of performance over time
Saves paint and air compared to the injector
Reduces dust in the cab - less kinetic energy of the paint
Compared to other pumps, it has relatively low operating costs


SPSS driver
7 inch touch panel that can be operated with a glove
3 Automatic programs (recoating, hard-to-reach surfaces, flat surfaces)
Graduation every 0.1kV and 0.1uA in the full adjustment range

Advanced pneumatic valves for air dose control (Patent pending)
Actual air flow measurement, reacts to errors such as pressure drops or system blockages
Advanced diagnostic tools

Ability to name programs
Possibility to control from external master controllers with ModBus protocol

ProfiSpray V HD

ProfiSpray H HD

ProfiSpray W HD

ProfiSpray V

ProfiSpray H

ProfiSpray W

ProfiSpray A

ProfiSpray A HD