All installations are manufactured in a specific order, depending on the customer's requirements, the following example configurations made for our customers.

Automat 1

The conveyor length 126m (70x70x4mm)
Conveyor speed (1m / min)
Max. The dimension of the detail
Height 2500mm
Length 2000mm
width  300mm

1) 3-zone automatic washer
a) 1 zone (3 minutes)
b) 2 zone (1 minute)
c) 3 zone (1 minute)

2) Mechanical chain tensioner
3) Automatic chain lubricator
4) Air curtain
5) Drying after washing

6) Automatic powder cabin
a) 3 guns per side
b) automatic part measurement (light gate)
c) administration of the powder by means of a vacuum pump

7) Powder manipulator
8) Powder kitchen with a container / under the box for quick color changes
9) Dust collector with turbo / eco function
10) Cyclone with a pneumatically detachable funnel
11) Chain drive "caterpillar"
12) Gas oven with a conveyor loop
Required space: 21,000 x 14,000mm


Configuration 1

Oil furnace 4200mm
Oil furnace - drier 4200mm
Automatic washer (2 treatments) 4200mm
Powder booth with color change
Powder booth with a recovery without color changes
Transportation 5 top tracks
5 Parkings
2 2 trolleys 

Space requirements 16 000 x 15 400mm





Configuration 2

Oil furnace with the bulkhead 12000mm
Powder booth with two-station the color change
Transportation upper 2 track
2 Parkings
1 trolley
Space requirements 9 730 27 x 000mm

Ref 1/371






Configuration 3

electric furnace with drying function 7000mm
Automatic washer (3 treatments) 7000mm & nbsp;
Cab two-station with a change of color
Transportation 5 top tracks
1 trolley
3 Parking
Space requirements 17 000 x 14 300 mm

ref. 1/64/1