Touchpanel electronic controller







Thick insulation 240-300mm








Explosion proof-locks


Swiss heaters






Forced air cirulation within floor and walls






2 channel USB recorder + full history



  Series SRS-O
Power Electricity
Degree of security ATEX II 3G
Compliance (Zone 2) ✔️
Drying flammable solvents ✔️
Forced air circulation ✔️
Two-channel USB temperature recorder ✔️
Number of temperature sensors MTS 2+
Wall insulation thickness (mm) 240
Ceiling insulation thickness (mm) 300
Number of programs 20
Max. Number of steps in the program 10
Average heating time up to 180 ° C 35min
Door wings qty 2
Diagnostics / update via the internet ✔️
Media consumption meter ✔️
Stainless steel ceiling elements
Direct heating
Thyristor power regulator ✔️
Chamber ventilation system ✔️
Explosion-proof locks ✔️
Silicone door seal ✔️
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