Touch computer control







Thick insulation 240-300mm








Explosionproof closures


Swiss heaters       






Forced circulation with both walls and floor







2 channel USB recorder + full history



Series SL Series SL Series SW Series SW Series  SW Series
Power Electricity Electricity Oil NG / LPG NG
Forced air circulation
Two-channel USB temperature recorder
Number of temperature sensors 1 MTS 2+ MTS 3+ MTS 3+ MTS 2+
Wall insulation thickness (mm) 80 240 240 240 240
Ceiling insulation thickness (mm) 80 300 460 460 460
Number of programs 1 20 20 20 20
Max. Number of steps in the program 1 10 10 10 10
Average heating time up to 180 ° C 40min 35min 25min 25min 20min
Number of door leaves 1 2 2 2 2
Diagnostics / update via the internet
Media consumption meter
Stainless steel ceiling elements
Direct heating
Explosionproof closures
Silicone door seal
Price group 1/2 2/5 4/5 5/5 3/5










x (x)

Standard options




Comfort making work more pleasant


7" Touchpad
Large color touch panel looks aesthetically and uses comfortably and intuitively. Set on it all the important parameters.

Memory 20 programs each with 10 events
You can save up to 20 programs and activate up to 10 consecutive events time-temperature arranged in the heating curve. This is especially needed for the more demanding process.

Information about consumption of power
Consumption is calculated based on the settings of the burner. This feature will allow you to estimate the cost of the cycle, consumption and plan check staff.

Recorder of cycle USB
Each of the ovens is equipped with two-channel temperature recording on USB flash drive.

Each file is automatically created and is responsible for a separate cycle are recorded temperature extremes, hour and minute measurement. Files are saved in * .csv (Excel sheet)

For all buyers the end of 2016 option is free, the competition for the option you have to pay up to several thousand euros.



History 20 latest of burn
Something's wrong? and perhaps too few overbroad elements from the oven? Now you check thoroughly oldest and lastest burning parameters, how often took, whether cycle proceeds without any problems, what was the consumption and when they ran.

Start the oven automatically at 6 am
How many times have you stay after hours and expecting end of the cycle? If you own a powder coating plan that works for a long time, You know exactly what we are talking about.

With our solution you can leave cycle not cured in the oven, to automatically end when you come to the job next morning.



Designed by professionals for professionals


Automatic chimney smoke exhaust
A chimney can be programmed to open a few minutes before the end of the firing, in order to empty the chamber from the smoke.
It can be remotely controlled from the panel, you do not need to do this mechanically as in most construction.

Predicting the time to the end of the firing
The cycle started, as far as I finish? Calculating the dynamics of heating, let's count it and the display will show how much longer it will last.

The doors which automatically snap
To open them just pull the door. The lock has adjustable door pressure to close them - only need to push the door. The lock automatically will catch the door to shut them well

Eaves heat optional
In order to minimize the effect of heating the hall when the oven door is opened, above the doors is mounted hood for outflow heat to a specific location.



Additional options

Solutions that are worth investing


Splitting furnace  (bulkhead) optional
The bulkhead is the solution for purchase a larger furnace and firing using one part of the oven. The furnace is equipped with the slide-in side wall, and modified controls.

2in1 drying and firing in divided oven  optional
It is possible to use the two chambers independently. The controller allows programming of independent processes. For example, in the first chamber may be in the firing process, and the second one drying to very different parameters, in another time.

The ventilation of the furnace chamber  optional
Automatic ventilation system are fans and actuators smoke exhaust chamber. Airing is an additional ventilation duct forcing the air exchange. The system is used when the firing chamber fumes that must be routed outside the furnace during the firing process.

System ThPID

Unique systems to ensure the highest quality of firing

System ThPID

What is ThPID?

ThPID was created to offset the effect of inertia called hysteresis.
The standard solution is based on a circuit that on / off heats with constant power.
ThPID is a system in which, by adjusting the voltage at the setpoint temperature, the heating power that is currently needed is selected - minimizing the effect of temperature fluctuations.

The ThPID system further allows the heating power of the furnace to be cut to a specified percentage, for example in the absence of power at the moment.


ThPID (voltage regulation)


Without ThPID (on / off)

System MTS

Unique systems to ensure the highest quality of burning

System MTS

What is MTS system?

The MTS is designed to provide realistic reading of the temperature of the oven.
The standard measurement is based on a temperature measurement which is often wrong.
MTS is a system of multiple sensors localized in the extreme places of the chamber.

The polymerization of the paint at 180 degrees Celsius


MTS (Two or more sensors)


Bez MTS (One sensor)

iCure recorder

Meet ROMER iCure

ROMER iCure is a computer program that allows full control of employees even a few years back - allows you to play any of the cycles from any day. iCure records each cycle individually, all inputs and outputs, all process parameters.

The recording capacity is practically endless, it is possible to preserve the history of all cycles since the purchase of the furnace..

Monthly Performance Reports
You no longer have to wonder how much oil or gas is consuming your furnace, nothing will escape your mind.

iCure allows you to view the amount of burns, consumption and regularity of burns from any time period

The system checks if the details have been kept at a suitable temperature for a period of time, if the cycle is interrupted, it is visible in the progress bar.

You will always know how effective is your powder coating plant.


You can feel safe with us

Explosion-proof closures The installation of the lock allows you to open the oven from the inside, in case the worker is locked in the chamber. Such a solution improves the tightness of the door, comfort of work and complies with the standards of EX stoves - in the event of an explosion, the door will open automatically.

Self diagnosis Self-diagnosis system, analyzes the correct operation of each of the components, preventing failures.
Emergency resumption of the cycle after power loss
You ran out of electricity. What happens if you do not have this system, and do not remember at what stage was the cycle?
The whole batch to improve.
Protection of directions of rotation
If you change the order of phases on the power supply, we have a security device that verifies it.
Overheating sensor
The additional sensor is activated after exceeding the upper limit temperature by disconnecting the heating elements, preventing damage to the elements.








x (x)

Transport methods

Lower carts
Option with two prams, the most popular. External trolley equipped with swivel rubber wheels. The system is used for small and medium loads. It affects the reduction of the impurities content from the floor in the chamber. The outer cart is painted with wet paint, the inner cart is moved on this carriage. Internal cart supplied in the form of a frame with high temperature bearings on turned wheels, not painted ready for superstructure welding

Upper tracks
Option with two rails with a cross section of 70x70x4 galvanized. The system is used for medium and heavy loads in large lines. This solution allows for one-time suspension of the element on the line, and then only its moving, it is quick to use, but requires the extension of the line with a cross-bar system and unloading stations.

Rails in the floor
Option with one trolley, used for very heavy loads of several tons. The trolley is equipped with cast cast iron wheels on slide bearings. It prevents turning, the trolley drives only backwards and forwards. This option reduces the total height of the oven by 100mm compared to others. Trolley delivered in the form of a frame with wheels. without superstructure, not painted ready for welding.