Closed circuit


up to 5 chemical treatments































Spray nozzles replaceable


Filtration non-burst sewage



Automatic sprinkling chamber is a solution that allows you to reduce costs, improve quality and increase the efficiency of the surface preparation process.


The automatic sprinkling chamber is equipped with a set of spray pumps, it was designed so that as little liquid as possible after the process migrates to subsequent processes, thus saving money and improving the quality of washing.
This is very important, because apparent savings in systems made without the use of these solutions can generate in the future much higher costs associated with chemistry and waste disposal which will simply be more. Attention should also be paid to problems with maintaining the required bath parameters.


Research and development work allowed us to develop a sprinkling chamber with the function of drying details (option) with hot air blown by a set of fans after the washing process.


The sprinkling chamber is equipped with an advanced system for creating your own macro programs, which can consist of 10 steps each, depending on the number of tanks, processes can be repeated, their order can be changed, etc.

Each tank has its own unique icon and name, enabling the operator to work intuitively.

Optionally, the tanks can be equipped with bath replenishment systems, which can be performed e.g. between processes or at the end of the cycle.


• Control installed on the swivel arm for better access
• PLC microprocessor control
• 7 "touch operator panel
• Very large number of nozzles, compared to other solutions
• (Option) The possibility of drying details after the washing process
• The ability to create your own advanced programs
• Advanced damper system made of acid-resistant sheet metal, double protected by limit switches
• Tight closing and full flap opening control system
• To minimize fluid mixing, separate pipelines, nozzles, tanks for each treatment
• Intelligent control - in the event of a power cut / sudden shutdown, no mixing of liquids possible
• Fully automatic operation