Acid resistant pump


Pressure 160-200 Bar
Fast cleaning


Stainless steel finish



 Closed loop



Phase memory in the event of electricity cut








Automatic controls







Stationary pressure washers for cleaning washing two / three phase, phosphating, chromating, degreasing.



Model Worksize dimensions External dimensions Nominal power Chemical phase pressure Water pressure Voltage
MS-1515 W1500 D1500 W2100 D1600 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-3015 W3000 D1500 W3600 D1600 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-4515 W4500 D1500 W5100 D1600 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-6015 W6000 D1500 W6600 D1600 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-7515 W7500 D1500 W8100 D1600 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-3030 W3000 D3000 W3600 D3100 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-4530 W4500 D3000 W5100 D3100 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-6030 W6000 D3000 W6600 D3100 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-7530 W7500 D3000 W8100 D3100 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-9030 W9000 D3000 W9600 D3100 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V
MS-???? Your size +W600 +D100 11kW 20 Bar 160 Bar 380-420V

• Microprocessor controls (PLC)
• HMI Touch panel
• Phases changed automatically (timed) or manually
• Two separated pipe systems for water and chemicals, cloosed loop
• Intelligent controls - prevents from mixing chemicals after electricity cut

Control box made in sealing technology IP54
Instruction manual, Declaration of conformity, Warranty 12 months.



In ROMER's Pressure Washers steel plate is used which provides protection against chemicals. Wall of the washer protect against splashing. Thanks to the closed circulation process which allows having small chemistry amounts. Due to the small amount of refrigerant required is easily heated and cheaper to buy, at the same time it allows cleaning of large elements impossible to clean in the Baths.
Filtration system
Filter system allows chemistry to work in a closed circuit, 3 filters of vary thickness are used to remove inpurities and oil into circulation. Chemical heating is stored in a stainless steel tank where the pump is then fed under pressure to the gun.



Cleaning big elements
Pressure washer can also wash large items, optionally we install a rotating platform that allows you to rotate an cleaned element. The elements can be moved inside with a forklift or crane. 



High pressure pumps
Presusre station has two phases of preparing, both of them have separated set of pipes, pumps, and guns. In matter of minimalize the mixing those phases when switching between them. Outflows has different valves, which maintain return of chemicals. Pressure washing station has different valves which maintain return of phases.  Pressure washing station is equipped with PLC which controls all components.

Chemicals are pumped under pressure of 20 bar. It uses a durable acid-resistant AISI304 multistage pump with power 3kW. Rinsing phase uses high pressure piston pump with ceramic pistons and provides 160 - 200 bar