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Explosion-proof locks




Model SW Series SW Series
Power Oil / NG / LPG Oil / NG / LPG
Type of heat exchanger Lateral ROMER® R&D
Chimney heat loss * (nom. - difference) 10% 2%
Display diagonal 4" 7"
Klasa procesora 0.5us 0.05us
Multi Zone Heat System  (Optional)
Forced venting of the chamber (Optional)
Programmable chimney (electric)
MTS System 
Automatic burner reset
History of processes
Combustion chamber (steel) Stainless Stainless, Heat-resistant
Forced air circulation
Air circulation through walls
Air circulation near the floor
Two-channel USB temperature recorder 
ICure ™ software 
Exhaust gas temperature sensor
Number of temperature sensors 2 3+
Wall thickness (mm) 160 240
Ceiling thickness (mm) 160 460
Number of programs 10 20
Max. number of steps in the program 1 10
Average heating time up to 180 ° C 25min 20min
Number of door leaves 2 2
Diagnostics / update via the Internet
Media consumption counter
Stainless steel ceiling elements
Automatic analysis of burner behavior
Automatic analysis of sensor behavior
Detection of "chimney back draft"
Cycle end time prediction
Additional sensor (overheating protection)
Explosion proof closures
Silicone door seal

* When heating the chamber to 180 ° C and set to standard heating parameters compatible with type of heat exchanger