Meet iCure - new registration system developed fully by ROMER.

iCure is a fully innovative system which is designed to provide the highest standard of firing. ROMER provides for free most expensive optional equipment chosen by the customers demanding more .


Why iCure is unique ?

iCure was developed by us in our furnaces, Nobody knows our products better than us. This is not a "purchasing" this is ready-made solution.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that is recording accurately all the process parameters, including messages, which is impossible to do by competing companies which do not have such an advanced information technology. No ready-made solution is not matched to the rest of the software, just companies that are doing this kind of software do it "without observing the details," which play the most important role.

What can iCure ?

iCure records each cycle separately, including two temperature channels, all inputs and outputs, as well as internal communications processor. Wprzypadku furnace oil / gas are recorded flue gas temperature, and the states of the burner, ie. Cooling, warming, firing, blow, or even provide a spark.
The recording capacity, there is practically no end, it is possible to keep a history of all cycles since the purchase of the furnace.

It all adds to the effect that allows you to create a few clicks prepared summaries of the entire month, as there were loads as long lasting, if in a given month is swallowed up in a gas / oil / electricity. All these functions are very helpful.

And this is just the beginning, because the project is still under development iCure and every one of our customers have free access to software update.

How does iCure ?

Pendrive removed from the furnace controller take to the PC and specialized software available in our web page will load all data, thats it - done.


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