Pneumatic - turbine vibrator
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OptiFlex®2 Q – Color change in 35 seconds!

OptiFlex®2 Q is an extended version of the successful OptiFlex®2 B, enhanced with additional features for even faster color changes.

The powerful air mover, installed in the frame of the trolley automatically cleans the suction tube as it is raised. The powder dust that is removed is extracted to the booth via an exhaust hose.

The automatic cleaning process is started from the gun or by activating the remote button on the control module. All components that contain powder – from the suction tube, to the injector, powder hose, through to the gun and spray nozzle – are automatically and comprehensively cleaned with pulses of compressed air.

In addition to super-fast color changes, OptiFlex®2 Q can handle any type of powder and unlimited number of colors, uses minimal space and guaranties a short payback time.