Set SL-015121712, KPO-2N, ProfiSpray V
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Electric furnace with forced air circulation The furnace SL-015121712

Find out more about the SL series here

• Blind
• Working dimensions 1200 W x 1700 H x 1200 L
• External dimensions 1720 W x 2410 H x 1500 L
• Power Electric
• Electrical data 15 kW 3P 380-400V
• Double Doors
• Heating time 15-40 minutes to 180°C
• Maximum temperature 230°C
• Air circulation Forced air circulation
• 1.1kW x1 fans
• Wall thickness from 240mm to 300mm
• Type of transport Bottom transport

A set of lower carriages for the SL-015121712 furnace
• External trolley
• Internal trolley



Powder booth KPO-2N

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• Open single workstation
• Working dimensions 2000 W x 2240 H x 920 D.
• External dimensions 2000 W x 2440 H x 1620 D.
• Number of filters 2 pcs. 100% Polyester, filtration area n.a. m2!
• Fan power 2.2kW x1pc. 380V 50-60Hz
• 99.9% filtration efficiency
• Automatic Romer Jet filter cleaning system
• Applied sheet metal type n/a
• Aluminum fan 10,200m3/h x1pc.
• Tank No
• Fluidization No
• Screener No
• Floor Lowered relative to the hoist
• Pneumatic tank lift No
• Part dragging system within the cabin No


• Computer control - 4" touch panel
• 3 operating modes
• Automatic - filter clogging sensor, Automatic - timed, manual
• Prepared for the installation of an explosion-proof camera acc. EN 50177:2009
• Built-in compressed air tank
• Each filter cleaned separately - better efficiency
• Double filtration area compared to the competition
• Possibility of manual powder recovery
• Automatic cleaning
• Filter cleaning with a specially developed JET nozzle
• Synthetic filter material with high dust separation efficiency, water resistant
• Filter shot interval settings, shot lengths


Applicator ROMER ProfiSpray V


More about the ProfiSpray series applicators can be found here
• Electrical data 100-240V 50-60Hz
• Powder intake up to 200g/min
• Air consumption up to 200L/min 6 Bar
• Air quality/water vapor less than 1.3g/nm3
• Air/oil quality less than 0.1mg/nm3

Powder gun data
• Output voltage 100 kV
• max. output current 100 µA
• Hose length 6m - antistatic hose
• Negative polarity
• ATEX 2mJ compliant

• Applicator for quick color changes with intake directly from the carton
• Intuitive 7" touchscreen
• Automatic cleaning function - gun purge
• Up to 20 own programs
• 3 automatic programs, pow. flat, hard to reach, repainting
• Remote control of the amount of paint and program changes from the handpiece

• PSS series controller
• Obtuse angle ProfiJector RI-1 powder injector
• ProfiGun powder gun with quick coupler and remote control
• Hose set
• Stand with vibrator and suction unit with fluidization

PSS driver
• 7-inch touch panel with gloved operation
• 3 automatic programs (overcoating, hard-to-reach areas, flat surfaces)
• 0.1kV and 0.1uA graduations
• Advanced pneumatic valves to control the dose of air (romer - patent pending)
• Real air flow measurement, responds to errors such as pressure drops or system blockage
• Advanced diagnostic tools
• Ability to name programs
• Ability to control from external master controllers with the ModBus protocol (series A)

ProfiGun PM-1 pistol
• Lightweight ergonomic gun, perfectly balanced with a contoured handle
• Up to 100,000V ceramic cascade efficiently charges all types of powders
• A new generation of nozzles ensures excellent powder penetration into complex shapes
• Profiled nut allows for a good grip
• High carbon conductive handle provides great painter grounding
• Gun made of special materials with increased impact resistance
• Fully removable design with replaceable powder path tube
• The gun is subject to US and EU patents
• Cascade polarity - negative

ProfiJector powder pump
• Design of a new efficient injector
• Most effective feed angle proven by research
• Saves paint and air compared to right angle injectors
• Relatively low running costs compared to other pumps
• The injector is subject to a European patent