Standard models

Cab model

Floor area dimension


Dust Collector Power External dust collector Air flow

input air

output air
External Dust Collector Sliding doors
KPT-1520400 2000x4000 2000mm >= 22kW ? Vertical ? ? ? option
KPT-2030600 2000x6000 3000mm >= 22kW ? Vertical ? ? ? option
KPT-2030900 2000x9000 3000mm >= 22kW ? Vertical ? ? ? option
KPT-3020400 3000x4000 2000mm >= 22kW ? Vertical ? ? ? option
KPT-3030600 3000x6000 3000mm >= 22kW ? Vertical ? ? ? option
KPT-3030900 3000x9000 3000mm >= 22kW ? Vertical ? ? ? option
These are examples of standard cabins - other dimensions, configurations, available on individual request.
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x (x)



Input air filter
We know that maintaining high air quality in production halls can be difficult, so this solution was created for this purpose.
KPT tunnel cabins are equipped with input filters mounted on the cabin ceiling, which are designed to pre-filter the air that enters the cabin.
This is to catch particles that, in the case of painting in open booths, would probably end up on the painted details.

Paint filtration and air purification
The type of filters used in tunnel cabin dust collectors is much more efficient than in the case of standard cabins, which means that the air sucked into the cabin returns back to the hall very well cleaned of solid particles.

The tunnel cabin has very good lighting, almost the entire ceiling is lined with LED lamps in accordance with EN 16985, ensuring work comfort and even better quality of painting.


Adjustable thrust 
Each of the dust collectors used in the tunnel cabins has a built-in inverter that can be controlled from the touch panel.
Touch controls
ROMER cabins are equipped with 4" color touch screens. Cabin operation is intuitive, it has 3 modes: automatic (timed), automatic (based on a clogged filter sensor) or manual.

Automatic filter cleaning 
The electronic system of automatic filter cleaning has a range of adjustment of cleaning frequency and firing time. Each filter is cleaned separately, the filters can also be cleaned manually using the buttons.

We know from experience that it is difficult for the operator to enforce filter cleaning. Thanks to this system, the operator will no longer have to think about it.

Environmental cleanliness
When using standard booths, it is difficult to keep the spraying area clean.
It depends on many factors and the operator himself. In the case of using a tunnel cabin, keeping the hall clean is much easier, because the cabin is enclosed with walls and the spraying takes place inside.

Cab Puller
The cabin, by dragging the sling beams within the cabin, improves work efficiency, thus relieving the painter, who no longer has to move them manually.

Filter clogging sensor
A sensor is installed in the cabins that queues filters for cleaning when they become clogged. The system also informs you when the filters are exhausted